Posted by: Mayu | March 14, 2009

Flying clover…?

Lol, all were standing in the row again, when I opened my gates xP. From front to back my visitors were Liv, Alex and Eileen♥ 😀 , welcome ^^

Well you can see us a lot better when we’re lined up horizontally 😛

Wow what a mean pic! LOL . Actually I just asked Eileen♥ if I can say that she looks stupid with this outfit lol (and she laughed about it) and Alex was just hitting her and she just cried in the moment xP Well, sounds all like a very fishy excuse, doesn’t it? xD 😳

Alex is quite cheeky in the last few days, look at his eyes when he hit Liv 😆

We had a nice fishing competition…

… and I was showing off my char 😛

Then alex gave his halo to Liv and as reward he got a 4-leaf clover from her. You know the scene when people are showing the 4-leaf-clover to everyone once you picked it up? Well, after Alex showed it all to us and put it into his hair, the clover still remained on the same spot!! 😯 You can see the clover in front of his face and in his hair xD

Liv showed us her dab and the clover was still there lol

Another perspective… it’s like the clover is flying in the sky…

Even when Alex walked away it’s still there, and only Liv and I could see that. For Alex everything was normal xD

I really like those surprising scenes, which lagging Wifi is sometimes offering us xD . Thanks for all the fun! 😀




  2. OMG 😯

    fazinierend o0

  3. 😯

  4. OMG he gave away MY halo I gave to him?


  5. emm sorrel

    It’s not tha halo U’ve given me. It’s other halo xD

    *Luft anhalten bis ich rot bin* xxx

  6. Ok. Sorry. Ily


  7. Something like that happened to me last winter. Like you with your flying snowball, I had a snowball floating above the new villagers house. I looked at it like ” O______O”

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