Posted by: Mayu | March 12, 2009

Happy belated birthday, Sorrel ^^

Yesterday was Sorrel’s birthday but we weren’t able to meet up then so I opened my gates this evening to let her come over 😉

My first guest was Liv again, who’s always waiting in the evenings for my gates to open, lol. And I was dressed with a birthday design for my special guest:

Sorrel! Yay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 😀 She picked up all my presents and had to leave soon 😉 .

Nico was also there and later on when Sorrel left…

Julia dropped by, hello! ^^

Liv and I had some steaks at the BBQ…

…and were enjoying the sea 🙂

At 9PM Sorrel promised to open her gates again, yay. You look pretty in your watermelon shirt, Sorrel! 😉

Just when I had to go afk Dylan came over ^^. Sorry that I couldn’t play with you together anymore, but family kept me busy 😛 .


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