Posted by: Mayu | March 11, 2009

Blog advertisement #2

I think it’s time to honour all the busy blogging friends of my blogroll again 😉

So these are all active and lately updated blogs (last post at least in February), pls check them out 😀 :

ACWW/ACCF blogs:

My AC:WW Story by charcoalgal

Melissa’s Animal Crossing Journal

AnimalCrossing300 by Kayazo

Laura’s AC:WW life

Gemma’s life in ACWW

Grape’s Animal Crossing: Wild World Life Blog

Kitty’s AC:WW Blog

My Animal Crossing, Lets go to the City, Diary by Thea

Lolli’s Surreal Adventures

My AC:CF Journal by Aly

Misc. blogs:

Club Penguin Secrets by Aggron and Jjryan

Cocoa’s Delightfully Dorky Weblog

Sink’s Nintendo DS Games Weblog

Doctor Who News and Reviews

Mayas Warriors

Fluff’s Blog

The Vortex Of Technology by quagmires

Hope you enjoy them 😉



  1. Thanks so much for putting me in the post. ^^

  2. Hehe Thanks for putting me first like you said you would^^

  3. Just to let you know, I’m going to start acwwalfonso again soon, but it looks like I was too late to be advertised. 😆

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