Posted by: Mayu | March 10, 2009

Sorrel and me in loveland

Another short visit this afternoon to loveland this time ^^.

Yay, your gate patterns are really nice 😀 Well done!

We together watered all the wilted flowers and were finished in no time. My blood sugar was a little low when I took the picture, so a little blurry because of shaking hands xP (well after I ate a chocolate bar it was back to normal 😉 , so no worries)

Such a lovely rose hybrid garden… awesome!
See ya! ^^



  1. It’s not a ROSE hybrid garden, it’srose hybrid garden with two purple TULIPS!

  2. Hahaha good eyes, P!nk xP

  3. why were ur hands shaking mayu?

    • Umm how can I explain it… my glucose level in blood was too low? You know, when you hardly ate something a day you’ll feel weak and dizzy, and I’m quite sensitive to that xP. Although I’m taking breakfast, lunch and supper every day, I also have to eat some sweets or other snacks between them to feel good 😉

      • That sometimes happens to me but then I have to lie down ’cause I’m shaking too much

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