Posted by: Mayu | March 10, 2009

Flirting with Nook

Another Tuesday, another adult meeting time this evening 🙂

Punctually on 8PM, Meow entered my town as my first guest 😀 .
I’m saying that every time, but I love your daily changes of clothes xD.
So pretty again today 😉 .

And Alex from Dorvan dropped by! Yay! It has been a long time, thanks for coming again 🙂 . But there’s also another person on this pic, can you see her? xD

Well the bunny hood wearing girl is Deedee! Hi!! :mrgreen: Here she took the hood off, such a cute firegirl! ^^

Oh! Someone planted a palm yesterday in my town and it’s growing now, lol. Who was that?!? 😈 😆

Alex and Deedee had to go soon and Meow and I visited Gaston here.
Such a grumpy neighbour and this moustache!!! Awesome!! :mrgreen:

We went fishing for more than 1 hour, it was really calm and relaxing ^^

And we had to sell a lot of fish at Nook’s shop. Hey, Meow! That’s my Nook, why do you rub his back?!? 😯

He’s in love with me!! Fingers away from him, you have Blathers! LOL

Hahahaha, I hope nobody tells your boyfriend Blathers about it 😛 xD.

I had a lot of fun! Thanks a lot! 😀



  1. haha that is so funny! 😀
    when can i come to ur town tho?

    • Do I have your details norbie? 😮 (sorry if you already posted it, but I can’t find it anymore…)

  2. Did you tell Blathers? Bet he was mad if you did!

    • Nope haven’t seen her Blathers yet! :mrgreen:

  3. I told Blathers that it was just gossip,and to pay no attention to the rumors!

    Meow from Funky

    • ?

  4. OK, well my info its:

    NAME: Norbie
    TOWN: Hawaii
    FRIEND CODE: 150510660928

    ADD ME 😀 and tell me wat time is good for u and me to play 😀

    • I suppose you’re from Australia? Then this time would be not bad for me (around 10/11AM my time), perhaps we can try tomorrow? I’ll open at 10AM 😉 and pls add Miki to your roster 😀 Now I’m too busy with updating my blog and answering all your comments lol

  5. Huhuhuh, I told Blathers, and that’s why he ditched Meow for me xDD

    • LOL, ok that’s understandable then XDD

    • wow…

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