Posted by: Mayu | March 9, 2009

Morning fun with Alex, Julia and P!nk

Hehe what a nice morning. I found Nico aka Alex in my chatroom and soon liv and P!nk joined us too ^^. Julia also wrote later on my blog that she wants to visit me as she’s sick and staying at home, really bored xP.

Alex, the second chara of Nico, was the first visitor. ^^ Your bunny shirt is so cute x3.

And here’s Julia. Better not get too close to her *coughcough*

Haha, you can guess who the person in front of us all is xD. Well, like her appearance the name is the same: it’s P!nk! 😉
Nice to have you all in my town again 😀

We had loads of fun with:

…chit-chatting ^^

…showing off our octopi 😛

…netfighting including messing up my BBQ 😆

Wow, P!nk what have you plotted there in this moment? 😯 😆

And we also played hide&seek xD.
Great morning, but I had to stop our fun after almost 2 hours, because rest of housework was still waiting for me lol.



  1. In the third pic it looks weird because you and I are frowning, Mayu, Alex is wearing a BIG grin, and Julia… Well, you can’t really tell what Julia is doing!

    • Hahaha and I like your glasses, your eyes look sooo big with these lol

      • P!nk the bug-eyed freak!

  2. Mayu, are ya there? I wanna wifi again…

    • Ok do you open? 🙂 Just for a couple of min though…

  3. Ok I’ll open

  4. lol im really sorry that i wasnt on ac:ww for 3 weeks its because my ds was red and the charger blew up also i have ACTION REPLAY but it wont let me go on ac:ww on ar iyt says unknown vershion

    • Oh what a bad luck! 😦
      So you still can’t play ACWW at the moment? Hope you get all fixed back soon 😉

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