Posted by: Mayu | March 8, 2009

How I make the pixel pattern

Thea asked me how I do those patterns from a photo and here’s my solution 😉 :

Well let’s do my Kaya-pixel-pattern as an example…
First I choose one photo which might be good for a pattern.
In this case I used this photo:

Next step is that I’m going to open my picture editing program Gimp (well, you can use other editors, too as long they have the same features what I’m going to explain now).

With the help of Gimp I cut a section out of this pic. It’s important that the cutted picture is a real square one, size is not important at this time, but make a nice selection of your pic:

This example is just cut out of the original pic and has got the size of 173×173 pixels.

Now you have to crop this picture into a 32x32pixel one (the same size like in your ACWW when you design at Able sisters)
At Gimp it’s called “scale the image”:

Of course this is waaayyy to small to see the single pixel, lol. So I enlarge it with the so called “magnifier” to see it big. I enlarge my pixel up to 800% to see every single pixel like this:

Here you can see every single pixel and this is my mask for my pattern 😉
Of course it’s still challenging to find the right palette, the right colour and you have to change also some details to get it finally to this pattern 😉

Hope this helped you somehow Thea? Don’t hesitate to ask, I think there are some questions left lol.



  1. Thanks, I hope Kodak has a ‘scaling image’ option though 😉

  2. Thea. Can you pleeease go on ACWW and wifi… please

  3. Oh, sorry Kayazo, I need to work out how to fix my wifi first, sorry.

  4. I think Picnik would work perfectly for this. ^^
    It’s the editor I use now, and it’s free! 😀

    • Ah looks good Melissa, ty for the link. Gimp is also free to use and I’m so used to it that I don’t want to miss it ever again xD.

  5. Thank you Mel for the link, it worked^^ Now i just need to find correct pallette *sigh* so much work 😀
    Thanks for posting this Mayu, it helped lots!!

  6. You’re welcome 😀

  7. the magnifier is now on picnik. or is it?

  8. i meant to say : THE MAGNIFIER IS NOT on picnik or is it?

    • I don’t know much about picnik and just checked this site. But you can also size the images and in my right down corner I can zoom in. Perhaps you could use this.

  9. i started to use picnik since 2008 and really i don’t think there’s a magnifier LOL 🙂

    • Tehehe, well I couldn’t find another either 😛

      • Oh, magnifying is easy on picnic. Do you know what I mean by a scroller? You can use it to scroll up and down the page. Upload your image and use the scroller as if you are trying to go up 😉 That’s how to zoom on picnic^^

  10. thank you Thea that was helpful!

  11. you r great at pattern making

  12. Well my comop is TOO old for Gimp so im gonna try picnik

  13. This work in paint 2, but the biggest problem was finding the right pallette:)

  14. That person with a royal shirt and brown hair looks exactely like my character, Emily, exept I have a crown 😀

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