Posted by: Mayu | March 8, 2009

Arrgh Wifi crash again

A night full of Wifi crashes again… -.-
But therefore I could welcome a lot of people in my town xP (what isn’t bad, lol).

The first round was together with Nico, Liv at the house and the pharao girl is Louise 😉

Nico found a message bottle at my beach, it was from Twinkle! 😀

Then Wifi crashed and back came Liv, Nico and Sorrel (with the kaffiyeh) instead of Louise 😉 . Haha Liv your umbrella is really unique xD.

Here we all together… until Wifi crashed again *sigh*

New round: Liv, Louise, me and Melissa (from left to right)! Hiiii! It’s always nice to see you again Melissa 😉

Chit-chat after netfighting lol.

Then another crash and back came Sorrel and Louise together with a new friend: it’s Dylan from Nintown. ^^

Hi and welcome! You’re a very kind boy I liked it how you ask for everything and behaved that friendly 🙂 .

Then after the next crash Dylan invited me to his town Nintown…
(see next post)



  1. Im Lemonade and Cookies. not really. im actually called jodie aka dolly.

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