Posted by: Mayu | March 6, 2009

Thunderstorm in Fergus

It was kinda late when I had finally time in the evening to play a little ACWW… so as I found no open gates with Miki I woke up Yuki and found Shelley’s town Fergus open 😀

Wow, she had thunderstorm in her town, unluckily I have no picture with those awesome lightnings in the sky xD .

Meow was also there and took the chance to catch a coelacanth, but she only had seabasses and red snappers 😛 .

Great outfit again, Meow ^^

I also tried my chance, but it was also just a seabass… 🙄

This is in Shelley’s house and her garden is really nice 🙂

Hehe the right room has also the same fruit carpet and wallpaper like me, but the interior were different. Nice photo collection Shelley 😀

Ohh, the second illusion room I saw lately. Not bad together with the space furniture. The alien looks really creepy in this room… 😉

But where’s Shelley?? I talked a lot to her this evening and I also saw her running around but… I have no pic of her?!? Oh my, I’m sooo sorry Shelley, the only pic I found of you was this…:

How embarassing!!! 😳 😆

I had a lot of fun! Thanks a lot! 🙂


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