Posted by: Mayu | March 5, 2009

My home’s make-over ^^

Today I visited liv in her town “my home” for the first time 😀 .

Hi Liv! You said your town is a mess but don’t worry I’ll help you with your environment 😉

😯 Wow, what is that?? I never saw a house standing right next/in the gate!! Liv also couldn’t explain how it went there so I assume it’s somehow a hacked thing??

Nico was also there to help 🙂 (he’s a little hidden behind liv xP)

In front of Liv’s house are some very nice patterns. You arranged it very well Liv, I like this area 😀

Nice illusion carpet and wallpaper! ^^

Ohhh, lovely music room Liv ♥!

This is her flower bed room ^^ . She still needs three gold roses to complete it 😉

We planted a lot of foreign fruits and palm trees in her town ^^

We gathered together after all the work. That’s a cute photo I think 🙂

Kevin from Köln came also for a visit, but unluckily this was the only pic from him, sorry about that 😉

Then I went back to the weird house next to the gates.
Lucy is living there and her house looks normal from the inside…

But outside it looks really strange. You can’t even see her town flag there and the house is embedded in the wall 😮 .
Hope you get a normal town back once she moved out Liv 😉



  1. Yes. She was completed with my stolen gold roses, but I gottem back

  2. oh liv the good old times hh #sigh# (sigh)

  3. do u know if she got her house back yet

  4. Petal removed the house sign soon after Lucy left ‘my home’. So luckily she never got this bug again ^^

  5. what happened with that house? was it a seeder? 😯

    • Yes, she was seeded that time…

  6. ARGH!
    Why the nintendo team name a pig Larissa? -.-

    • Yes, that was very mean 😆 😉 (but I think she’s the cutest one of the pigs, but I love Rasher because of his uglyness LOL)

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