Posted by: Mayu | March 2, 2009

Rain again and bathing season opened

Yay, after several weeks of just snow it was nice to see the normal rain again in my town 😀 :

Can’t wait for the first snails next month 😉

In the evening I visited Sorrel again ^^

Liv and Nico were also there, hi! 😀

You both look… a little tired 😛

But the most tired one was Sorrel xD 😆 :

Liv changed her haircolour into pink, how pretty 😀

And together we decided for a fitting shirt at Able sister 😉

Aww really nice spring colour 😀

Sorrel made her pool bigger, wow you’ve got guts to go swimming in early march 😯 lol

I visited her metroid Metty again. Hellooo ~♥ ! Aww, you even have got sweet music next to your tank and is Sorrel reading good night stories to you? 🙂

Louise also dropped by later when Nico and liv had to go.

Argh I wanted to show you how brave Sorrel is to even wear bikini in this cold spring evening, but the pic is blurred, what a pity xD



  1. Im telling you Miki, Loveland nights are warm 😀

    Apart from, err, winter though!

    For Loveland it rained on the frist day lorl ^^


  2. I had a pool like that in Ushiakov :mrgreen:

  3. Did you know you cn log on when you post a coomet! I didn’t till now!

  4. Could I get your water pattern???? I think it looks cool.

    • Ohh I haven’t tried to log on either when I comment, because I’m always logged lol
      Argh the water pattern is not from me but from a japanese web site. And the water pattern I used seems to be vanished from this side, but I found another nice one:
      Use palette 10 to create it 😉
      Or next time you visit me I can give you the water pattern 😀

  5. You are so totally freaking random about ACWW like me! I was SO happy to see rain again aswell, cya!

    Your website like- RAWKS!

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