Posted by: Mayu | February 27, 2009

Did you know… (part 28: grass shapes)

… that there are shapes in the grass?
If you look closely, there are either triangles, squares or circles. Also, if you look at the grass in febuary and in april you will notice that the grass is more green and lush.
By Pingu!

Hehehe, thanks a lot Pingu! 😀 She came with the idea to make also a ‘Did you know’ of this theme ;).

Well I’ll show you some pics of them, too and what I all know about it:
When we have no snow the different grass styles are these:

Square grass:

Triangle grass:

Circle grass:

In winter they turn into different shapes ;).
When you had a circle grass it will turn into a
Star snow:

A town with square grass will turn into a
Circle snow:

Triangle grass will turn in winter into a
Square snow:

Like the trees the grass also has got its own colour changing throughout the year, I collected some pics of my grass of the year:

(in November I had a touch event in my town, therefore there are shirts lying in this pic, it’s not some colours of the grass lol)

Thanks again for the nice idea to make this ‘Did you know’, it’s dedicated to you Pingu 😉



  1. COOOLE !! Ich hab im Winter Sterne und bei Grün Kreise 😀

    • Die Sternenschneedecke finde ich voll schön! 😀 Hätte die auch gerne gehabt 😉

  2. I like the september grass most.

    • i like april & febuary the best LOL 😉

  3. yh i absolutely love the september grass and july is kinda nice =D

  4. My Fave grass is in May!

    • yeah thats pretty too

  5. I like June’s grass… *sigh*

    How long do you think the did you knows will go on for Mayu? Maybe you should do the one about the music in Nook’s just before closing time? 😐

  6. I like December’s… So simple.

  7. Who knew that the Animal Crossing designers even put INTERESTING GRASS in their game. I’ve been playing for over a year (well, sort of) and I haven’t even B O T H E R E D to notice!

  8. i have always noticed the triange but no others (untill now)

  9. Cool! I never knew about that! I checked and my town has circle grass. ^^

    • LOL XD my town has triangle grass coooll

  10. Me has square grass ^_^ Me and my characters like square grass. It co ordinates with my fav character, Eleanor’s, house. Shame you don’t get pink grass, then it would REALLY co ordinate with her hous and her hair.

    • Hi Eleanor, thanks for visiting my blog ^^. No pink grass it’s not available lol, why don’t you put some pink grass as patterns on the ground? 😉

  11. i like november grass!!!

  12. yuk!! i hate october grass its a ugly colour

    • Haha, it’s not that bad though when you see it all over the town lol

  13. i like july

  14. July grass looks blue o_O

  15. I like all the grasses but i never noticed all the different pattens on them : )

    • Thanks Lydia for commenting and visiting my blog 🙂

      • hi mayu, i want to add you on acww, whats your fc? mine iz: 3181 2571 0297 town: Bagiou. Name: Shelby please add me as soon as you can please and wen u do, please tell me and give me ur fc. please leave ur gates open ❤

  16. July grass and january rules

  17. WOW! I never even noticed that!! :O

  18. Yes! I thought I had triangles, but I have circles! So happy! Thanks for the blog. : )

    • Aww thanks for the nice comment and you’re welcome 😉

  19. you should make a post on different houses in different towns (like if you come to my town, theres lots of purple houses but in mixies town there are awesome houses hich are white with red rooves….cool)

    • That’s a nice idea Tilly ^^
      Maybe I’ll do that 😉

  20. Does the style of the grass ever change at any time apart from winter? I hate my squares. 😦

    • Nope, never, I’m afraid 😦

  21. I have the Triangle grass 😥
    Can I change it to square grass?

    • Unfortunately no, but I have triangle grass, so just be happy with what you have =D

      (Triangle grass is the best!)

      • no square is!!! lol

        • nuh uh… pentagon grass is THE BEST. lol!

        but in winter, stars are best 🙂

  22. actually, triangle is what i have on wild world and it’s my fave.

  23. I think triangle and square grass is boring and it reminds me of school and angles. Lol. I like stars and circles!

    • lol, agrees x)

  24. So, I will get Square Snow tomorrow, but in February, will it be back to Traingle Grass? Or will it change to Square Grass? lol xD I was just curious about this :mrgreen: ~Julie

    • It will always change to the shape you had before Julie ^^. So in spring you’ll have triangle grass again 🙂

  25. really good blog. Awnsured a lot of questions I had.

  26. I llluuurrvvve stars!

    • Hi evie1110, thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes, the star snow is soooo lovely, I like it also very much 🙂

  27. Cool! I didn’t know that.
    My grass is circle now 😀

  28. I have circle grass and I expected circle snow but I got stars! Now I know why! I really like having star snow. It’s nice. 😀

    • Yes the star snow is sooo awesome! I like it! And so special! Why is it the only shape so different to the others? lol? I mean they could have done some triangle snow too xP .

      • i have circle grass, my fav! i cant wait till i get star snow!! 😀 mayu please tell me ur fc, cuz if u ad me and cum 2 my town i can get nookingtons!! srry 4 changin the subject… ps i luv circles!! XP

  29. my fc: 3181 2571 0297 town Bagiou name: Shelby plz add me, and if u did plz reply saying that u did and tell me ur fc. mayu i hope u add me to any character of urs because i added them all. so remember, if u added me plz reply to me saying that u did and give me ur fc’s, town names and names!! cya later. circle grass rules! ps plz reply to me 4 anything u want to no about my acww stats 😀 :O

  30. look under the section in you fc’s to find mine

    please add me mayu ive been waiting a long time for your response 😦

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  32. Wow! Cool Blog Mayu! when i restarted my ACWW i got star snow so i was expecting to have the triangle grass,the month
    april came , i saw my town’s grass…IT WAS CIRCLES! lol
    i taught it was a glitch… but when i saw this it wasnt a glitch after all 🙂 but now i kinda like circle grass now… its kinda groovy to me… 😀

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  34. can grass disappear? 😦

  35. I never really paid much attention to the grass before, but now. Thats amazing 🙂

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