Posted by: Mayu | February 26, 2009

Li’l ville and Mini ville

Pigtail-gang in Li’l ville again xD

This time we were Louise at the very right, Megan the sister of Louise next to me, Liv left in the background and at the very left me 😉
Nice to meet you Megan 😀

Haha your Matryoshka looks really nice in the living room Louise xD. (and I think I’ve never seen the little one so clearly xP)

Your path pattern is great! Really 3D-like ^^

Relaxing on the long bench at the ocean and later on we had
a nice fishing time:

Meany Angus, he’s looking for a shirt, but my No.3-shirt he doesn’t like!
He even said it’s “horrible”! 👿

But… he liked my “hot spring” shirt :mrgreen: 😆
I didn’t know that you were that hot Angus xP

Then Megan invited me to come to her town. But I had problems to get in, I never saw an error code with “00000” 😯 lol

But later on she reopened and connection was better. I brought her a bag full of flowers and went home to fetch more of them but I think they had to go to bed(?) when I wanted to come back, because I didn’t see her gates open anymore 😉 .
Well, hope to see you soon again ^^



  1. yh we had 2 go 2 bed sry but we had a gr8 time!
    I hav my own blog now but im going 2 hav 2 work out the address 4 it lol ill tell it u in a bit.

    • You all have pig tails in this pic soo cute *lol*

      • Lynette Can U go on Chat Now? So we can meet up easyer ?

  2. Sorry That was from me ^^

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