Posted by: Mayu | February 25, 2009

Visiting Alice from Forks

Today I had a meeting with Alice. Perhaps you know her from the town Kyoshi, but she created a new town called Forks now^^.

Isnt’t this entrance amazing? Sorry that I don’t know about the book/film “Twilight” but I bet all fans must recognize your town 😉

Hi Alice (left)! You look almost like my Miki xD. It’s nice to see you again 😀

She showed me her house. This room isn’t finished yet but I thought this is a good example of today. True to the maxim: Snow has gone, green came back! 😛

Ohh I loved this easy but still pretty style of carpet ^^

Very comfy library here 🙂

And a very amazing, LOVEly room here!!! 😆 :mrgreen:

We enjoyed all the green trees in her town ^^

And said hello to Gaston, one of the eldest neighbour of Forks. Alice wanted to persuade him to stay later when I’m gone 😉

This is a pic of us in my town. Thanks for the fun this afternoon Alice! 😀



  1. twilight is a great book, but


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