Posted by: Mayu | February 25, 2009

New moon in Mitsukyo

A lot of different visitors again, but also a lot of Wifi crashes 😛

Like I said before Michela and Nico went to my town. I think Michela was also quite happy to see my town, she never was here before 😉 .

And Petal also dropped by. What a coincidence, I just bought the same shirt for Mayu this morning at my Able sisters, Petal. xD

We all had a nice chit-chat and traded some items.

My money tree grew back again, yay! xD Nico said, that his money tree also grew succesfully, he got one of my bell bags last time which were shaken down from my former money tree. Quasi an offshoot of mine, that’s great! 😀

After Wifi crashed another time, Liv and Louise came for a visit^^

Aww you’re so cute on this pic, Liv ^^

Louise opened her camouflage-ground-pattern-umbrella, lol.

But here you can see us both having fun with fishing 😀

We realized, that it’s new moon here, cooool! 8)

Some other pics of our fishing time.

Oh here Liv said I should take a photo of this scene, because I gave her 6 white turnips but her bag was full so she couldn’t fetch the three others, lol. So everyone, I announce that three white turnips are still reserved for Liv! xD 😆



  1. Did Michela not come back? Or did she have error codes? Who on earth invented error codes?! :anger: they’re no fun what so ever 😦 I’m glad Michela and you could meet! (finally 🙄 )

  2. thank you Thea. I couldn’t come back because I couldn’t connect to wifi again cos the hotspot only has it until 7pm. 🙄

  3. That’s good that it wasn’t… ERROR CODES! 👿 they anger me!

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