Posted by: Mayu | February 25, 2009

Fresh Green!!!

Yaay, I just want to share my joy at the brightful spring colours in our ACWW games! xD ♥

No snow, no grey, only green, fresh green! Haaaaaa~~~ ♥ so nice!
Even my clovers aren’t grey-brown anymore and grass instead of snow, hoorrrayyy!! 😀 :mrgreen: 😀

I love the seasonal colour changings in ACWW 😉



  1. Yes, this also happened in AC:CF too! I was eagerly awaiting it after the white-hot fun of the Festivalé (which I might post some pics of here, so you can put them in your AC:CF pics section (if you want to (:P))).

    Also, there’s something funny I’ve noticed. Mayu is your main character, right? You click on her first to do all the flower watering and stuff, so she comes first for you. Then Miki is the one you use next, for meetings with younger friends, so she’s second. Yuki gets used a bit for meetings with older friends who aren’t registered with Mayu, so she’s third. So Haru obviously comes 4th then – But wait! What do you actually do with Haru? 😯 I don’t see many posts with her and nobody really says “Can you open with Haru?”, so what do you use Haru for? 😐

    • Yes Mayu is and stays my first character although she isn’t Wifi-ing that much anymore…
      The most played character is Miki, then comes Yuki for my international adult friends and Haru I use when I want to go to the Open Town of Geli’s board 😉 or when I want to see German kids who are too shy to play with international people xD

  2. Did you get all Pave furniture Alfie? I did 😀

  3. I did too.

  4. I got it all, yeah. 😀

  5. Also, Pavé is my new hero. 😛

  6. Why’s that? I can’t see Pavé as a hero… He just wiggles to carnival music and eats candy! 😛 no offence or anything 😉

  7. Oh, congrats Michela!!! Sorry 😳 forgot to congratulate you in my other comment, sorry xD

  8. no Pave looks nice. Pretty peacock!!!

  9. Is he a boy or a girl… I think boy, but you say he’s pretty and boys don’t tend to be called pretty 😆

  10. He has a girl’s voice, but he’s a boy. I think that was Nintendo’s attempt at an ‘accent’. 😛

    Well, have you ever seen an ugly peacock?

    It’s not a wiggle! 👿 It’s the dance of dances! And what’s wrong with eating a pile of candy? VIVA FESTIVALÉ!!! 😀 :mrgreen: 😀

  11. All peacocks are pretty. even if they are boys. 🙂

  12. actually the only pretty peacocks are boys. the girl peacocks are all…. brown..

    Pave’s little town tune noise thing is my FAVORITE!

  13. i had felstivale in my town to and i collected many lollies but then my wifi crashed and lost it all but i was to sad to go bak and get it all so now i only have one D= BOOHOO!!!! *cries*

  14. How did you get all those clovers in your town? It looks pretty! :mrgreen:

    • Mostly I got them from friends, where I helped deweeding their town 😉 . When I had really good luck I got even 3 or 4 at one day 😀 (and kept it over the 2+ years of game play 😛 )

  15. Woww! 😯

    I need to start helping people de-weed their town! 😆

  16. how do get those things on the foor? and do you know when the crown comes in shop?

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