Posted by: Mayu | February 25, 2009

Finally meeting Michelaaaaaaa!!!

WOOOOHOOOOO! This early evening I could finally meet up with Michela! 😀
She went to a place with Hot Spot so this time it was easy for me to get into her town 😉

I almost couldn’t believe it, I’m in Michela’s town. 😯 😯
Normally when I try to get into her town I just got Wifi-error codes and Harry didn’t let me go to her former town Key West… 😦
One time, only one time I had success to visit her and THIS was the only pic of that meeting, because then I decided to go home instantly to fetch some flowers for her (DOH! I thought we solved the error code problem at this time) but never had the chance to get back 👿

But here I am, hello Michela!! Yay, a picture of youuuu xD

Nico was there, too, hi! 😀

They showed me the Heath Ledger memorial, how cool! 😮

Hehe Michela is cute here, that’s her first emotion she got from Dr. Shrunk ^^

And she has got Baabara in her town Blue Bay, Baabara from Blue bay… what a nice name! 😀

The football fish in the middle tank looks so tiny (compared to those when you just caught them and showing them off oO ). His name is Jaws! 😉

Nico just opened the door to see the football fish too.

Then we decided to go to my town. ^^ Thanks for letting me visit, Michela, I was really happy to meet you!!!! ♥



  1. Yh it was REALLY fun x100000

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