Posted by: Mayu | February 24, 2009

Yuki’s gates are open!

Once in the week I want to invite also my adult friends to come to my town, so I decided to open again this evening with Yuki 😉 (and I think I’ll do it every Tuesday now if nothing intervenes)

Meow took a very long journey to get to my town, well perhaps that’s the quickest way to get from USA to Germany xP.

Jenny did it on the Mexican way 😉 . This shirt fits perfectly to your sombrero in my opinion, nice!! 😀
Oh and look to her new golden watercan! Congratulations!!

Meow and I were inspecting the baby craddle in Pompom’s house. 😯
Where’s the baby? Who’s the father?? Meow thinks it might be Pate 😆 (well I think it could be Rowan, because he packed his stuff today lol)

And later on Shelley also dropped by, hii, so nice to see you again!
She was informed by Jenny today that her town Fergus is in perfect status! Yay, fingers crossed for the next 15 days, Shelley! 😉

Chit-chatting in front of Nook and here we all said good-bye to the last snowman:

Meow, don’t be so rude to him xD.

That’s much better! 😉
Good bye winter, it has been a nice season, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when spring comes! 😀

Thanks for the fun, Meow, Jenny & Shelley 😀



  1. When you said cheese it looks like cheese lol.

    • Yes, cute snowman hehehe 😆

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