Posted by: Mayu | February 24, 2009

Did you know… (part 27: Nintendo theme)

…that there are some ACWW items in the game which aren’t listed in your catalogue?

I’m talking about the Nintendo theme furniture (or I think many of the people also talk about Mario items?) 😉 like for example in this room:

It was formerly a service from Nintendo for all Animal Crossing fans as they gave it as a “gift” to those who went to their local Toys “R” Us shops or Nintendo World Shops where the people could get those items from download stations. But that has happened only in 2006/2007 and from that time on I haven’t heard of any other campaign to get them.

But the chance is nevertheless high that some of your ACWW-friends have those special furniture because they can be cheated with help of Action Replay. So they aren’t “that” special anymore like it was perhaps intended. 😉

In total there are 16 available Nintendo theme items:

1-UP Mushroom Blue Falcon
Brick Block Cannon
Coin Fire Bar
Fire Flower Flagpole
Green Pipe Koopa Shell
Pikmin Starman
Super Mushroom ?-Block
Block Floor Mushroom Mural


  1. cuuuiiiiite

  2. omg i have nintendo theme but i never realized that!!!

  3. hello my name is lisa and my asks is geht das?

    i live in germany


    • Was soll gehen? … xD

  4. ??

    It’s not April yet xD 😆

    Are u german?

  5. jes i live in germany

  6. mit den mario möbeln

  7. i have in english a 1

  8. To Lisa: Ähm, ja diese Nintendo items sind reell, aber sie können nur gecheatet werden 😉

  9. I have AC on Wii now, if you’re lucky you get this stuff in a baloon. They’re a lot harder to find now. I have a mushroom, 2 koopa shells and a pipe. They make noises when I press A. On DS, I didn’t even know this stuff exists. I want it now 😡 I’m a Mario fan even more then I’m an AC fan.

    • Oh on ACWW they make such a lot of noise, too. ^^ The starman was driving me crazy with all his annoying noise lol, I had to put it in the cupboard, later on I gave it away 😛

  10. if anybody knows whats the action replay code to get those awesome pieces of nintendo furniture

  11. I got this rumor from a friend at Japan that there is also a Pokemon theme that you can get at the seven elevens that are there in Japan? I don’t know if this is true Mayu? I found a picture of a pokeball on the internet… hm….. lol

    • Hmmm never heard of that and I’m quite sure that there are no Pokemon items in ACWW…
      if there were any, I think there might be also some hex codes for Action replay to get these items, but I never saw any codes for that on these sites (I’ve looked them up for my son lol)

  12. I got a Nintendo bench from Blue Bear? o.O any explanations? 😛

    • I shook a tree and got that. Wierd huh?

  13. It’s odd but the Nintendo bench doesn’t belong to the Mario/Nintendo theme what I’m talking here about ^^
    The bench is quite common in acww and can be bought at Nook’s shop 😉

  14. hey mayu does your son play acww if so can i play wifi with him???

    • he doesn’t play that often anymore, I’m sorry 😦

  15. I heard very often that cheating is no good for the ds, is that true?

    • No, its actually not. I guess, it will destroy your game card or so? .. I don’t really know. But cheating, is not like earning 🙂

  16. Hmmm that depends of what you’re cheating. In my opinion and what I can see about what my son has done, cheating itself doesn’t destroy your game card when you’re cheating only items that you can also obtain at Nooks or Redds or Able sisters
    Other things like creating a second Nook, a second town gate or something big like this is quite a risk when you’ve put them on a wrong place and can’t get rid of it easily…
    And there are also some very dangerous codes like the brick code, where you can really destroy the game cards, not only on your own ACWW but also on other ACWW towns… but don’t ask me how they’re doing that, I’ve no clue about this 😉

  17. my mate has an ace card and can get multiple mario furniture. but he iz sooooo uptight dat he wont give it me 😦

    • Aww what a meanie xP Beg him 😉

      • hiya mayu i juss found pascal and he sed how can sponges hold so much water with so many holes then he said figure it out and he gave me an anchor!! and on animal crossing wii i have a nintendo gamecube chest and a labrador from nintendo xx

        • Yes ACCF really has some awesome downloadable items 😀

  18. Miki. is it possible to get a letter from Nintendo? Because I got one from them saying to stop spazzing out because of the flowers! I also got a message on my bulletin board from them saying that they had trouble typing because their fingers were frozen all winter! I’ve never used AR before so I haven’t hacked anything 😕

    • Wow, that’s a mouthful!

    • Yes it’s still possible to get them in USA. Here in Europe we don’t get it at all! 😦

  19. how do u get those nintendo items plz tell me!!!

    • Umm I’ve written it in the post here xDD

  20. How much HRA points do they give?

  21. you know the triforce from legend of zelda? well I have it in my room, and legend of zelda is a nintendo theme so should that be up there? I have no action replay either. PS I love love love love legend of zelda so can you put it up there for me? PSS i got it from crazy redd it cost 20,800 and i KNOW it is real!!!!!!!!!!!! PSSS sorry if you think i am being mean i am not trying to be PSSSS you are the BEST!

  22. I have the triforce and the master sword! without action replay. i can give them to whoever wants them. e-mail me

    • i want them ellen

  23. This site definitely has all the info I wanted concerning this subject
    and didn’t know who to ask.

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