Posted by: Mayu | February 23, 2009

Flowers, loads of flowers for loveland

Tonight I promised to visit Sorrel from Loveland^^.

Here we had a dance together in her pretty living room.

Nico was there, too but he didn’t come back after Wifi crashed soon after it 😉

So next time Louise was coming to loveland. Haha we’re a really weird couple xP.

I asked Sorrel if I could rearrange her flowers that she might get her perfect town back, and she let me doing it, ty 😉

Nicole came also and she cheated loads, loads of hybrids for Sorrel so it was no problem to get loveland back to PTS, yay! 😀

Aww, I like the sofa scenes, there the charas are smiling and wiggling with their feet 🙂

Look at the side, there you can see just a blink of all the hybrids Nicole were creating xD. Amazing!!

I created a heart shaped flower bed for Sorrel 😉

Sorrel invited me for a stroll in her museum. Yaaay, lovely fat bugs on the palm trees! 😀 Oops, Sorrel can’t be seen here xD.

There she is! ^^

I admired the rainbow stag and all the ants there ^^

Thanks for this lovely evening Sorrel, Nico, Louise and Nicole 😀



  1. Ty for the comment on meh living room ^^

    Yesh, I had fun to! Thanks for coming and being such a great friend!!

    Sorrel xx

  2. i like the carpet flooring did sorrel buy it

    • It’s a Fairy Tale Floor and you can only get it from Sahara 😉

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