Posted by: Mayu | February 22, 2009

Self-made Sushi xP

Tonight I had visits from Liv and Jesse:

I had the mother cat in my town and she was looking for her kitten in Liv’s town so Liv went back to her town soon 😉

Louise, what are you thinking at this moment? xD

Ahh, Liv found the kitten and we could reunite them, how nice! 😀
Thanks a lot Liv 😉

We all went fishing. Liv looks so strange in this pic because she was throwing a chest at the same moment lol.

Liv and Louise had to go but Georgina came instead! ^^
She pitied my snowman who vanished this morning, so she put a red cosmos at the same place for memento.

Well done Jesse and Georgina! 😉

Yay, Sorrel is back from her holidays! Welcome back! 😀

Georgina has caught several fish this evening.

Look at this ugly football fish, ewww xP

We decided to make Sushi for all 😆 ! Jesse took his axe and began to slice the fish! xP 😛

Same with the seabass, poor one! It was still wriggeling but the axe couldn’t cut it well! Haha! :mrgreen:

Later on Georgina invited us all to come to her town, but soon after this pic Wifi crashed and Georgina couldn’t open again.

So I went to Sorrel to have a nice chit-chat with her:

Thanks for the nice evening 😀 !



  1. Aww Poor fishies. Great post though!!!

  2. HI! Uhh, im on my parent comp. TY SOO MUCH!

    • You’re welcome! 😀

  3. my pleasure 4 returning katie

  4. thanx yay u goot a pik of my fish lol i got loads of axes!!

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