Posted by: Mayu | February 21, 2009

Loads of people in my town again ^^

Wow, what a busy evening again, yay 😀

When I opened around 8PM I didn’t have to wait long for my visitors, it has been Louise (red hair) and Georgina (blonde).

And Nico from Manila was also there. Wow, you’re blonde today xD.
Well it has lasted only 10 min until Resetti popped up again and let Wifi crash 👿

But this time Alfie came for a visit! YAAAAAY, Alfie, I’m really glad to see you again, I really missed you!! xD Hope you’re often on in ACWW now! 😀 😀

I really enjoy your visits, ah, a new ACWW friend arrived to my town also: it’s Tina from Turtle, you can see her at the very right ^^. Welcome!

Alfie had to go off for a short while and Louise and me were watching him sleeping. But look!! 😯 His legs are wedged in the bench!! Ouch! 😆

We found some nice stuff at Able sisters xP. Haha!! Louise’s eyes fit perfectly to the mask!!

Tina was catching some fish here ^^

And together with Alfie I had a nice chit-chat. 🙂

Georgina came back, yay!!!

And Lolli was there too, hii! Ummm I had also a new visitor at this time, it was ♥Mia♥ but unluckily I have no pics of her?!? And later on she also misunderstood my “can you please go outside for a sec?” and left my town!! Noooo!! I just meant to leave from my house because I was fetching some furniture for the others to touch, I’m sorry about it Mia 😦 !!! 😳

So instead of her I welcomed another new friend: it’s Bubbles, the sister of Georgina 😉 . Welcome to you too!

Hehehe here we tried to attack the snowman, but it wasn’t dumb. Either it was talking to us or we just dig holes in front of it, his defense tactic was really good xD :mrgreen:

An umbrella fashion show ^^

Here you can see Bubbles better 😉

Oh noo, someone shook my money tree again! xP But the person said sorry so it was no problem at all.

We together planted a new one ;). Thanks for the help 😀



  1. Yaaaay! Thanks Mayu! Great post!

  2. Wow, that bench incident looks PAINFUL! 😡 😆

  3. lol that snowman dude dead nooo i liked him he was cool lol i planted a flower were he died lol hahahahaha xP lmao

  4. whats that shirt called on the second picture the shirt that yellow one that guy has it

    • That’s a paw shirt norbie ^^

  5. thank you:D

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