Posted by: Mayu | February 20, 2009

Meow’s stars

Later on I went to Meow again ^^. It’s nice to see her gates open that often, thanks a lot for this opportunity to come Meow 😉

Hi Meow, how are you today? The snowman behind us looks like he has a mustache and a snorting nose xP

Meow let me look up the sky and said I had to check the constellation under the moon. Oh what is it? Looks like a ribbon to me 🙂

I checked at the museum and woooow!! 😯 😯
You named the star after Yuki!! Awww thanks so much Meow, I was really happy when I saw that!! ~♥

She also had one from her ACWW friend Jenny and
her cat Leo was also perpetuated in her sky 😀

Awesome Meow!!

Do you know Meow’s boyfriend? It’s Blathers xD. Look, they’re holding their hands, how sweeet! 😀

Brewster totally ignored us when we were yelling for coffee. His fine excuse was that he ran out of coffee beans! 👿 Ha ha!!

Visiting Meow’s pillbug in the museum ^^

Having a brainwash on her mad scientist chair…bzzzzt!!!

Hahaha, I laughed a lot about this usage of the tissues! xD Good idea, Meow!!! 😆

Wow such a lot of stars around you Meow! 😯 And the person next to me is Deedee, a very kind friend of Meow^^.

Thanks for the fun, I hope to see you both soon again ^^



  1. huhu Mayu 😉

    Ich konnte gestern nicht kommen, weil ich beschäftigt war sorry 😉 wie wärst denn heute Abend um 20 Uhr in meine Stadt?

    Bis bald

  2. Jepp, ich mach wie immer so um 20 Uhr auf 😉

    Lesen müsste man können :roll:, xD ähm sorry aber ich habe schon versprochen dass ich um 20 Uhr aufmache 😛

  3. ok ich werde kommen 😉



    FC: 3953 2417 6328
    NAME: Michela
    TOWN: Blue Bay

  5. And I have pictures!!

    • pictures of your seedings?? Bah, you’re really unlucky with your friends Michela, how many times have you been seeded now? 😦 Poor you! 😦

  6. That was Michela ^^

  7. Ohhh Michela, I feel sorry for you 😦
    But of course I’ll add you back 😉

  8. Wow! 😯 That’s a nice idea, giving your friends constellations named after them! 🙂

  9. Meow you just gave me an idea! 😀 I might name my constellations after my pets too 😀 Fab Idea! 😉

  10. So,last nite I was outside in Funky talking to Kiki
    This is what she said.

    “Meow,look there is the constellation you made, the
    Yuki*,it’s so pretty.But why did you name it Yuki*,
    ….it’s a cool name…..I guess.

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