Posted by: Mayu | February 20, 2009

Lilli, Georgina and Liv

…came this morning to my town ^^

Liv was my first visitor again :D, hii!

Then Georgina and Lilli came soon after her, welcome! 😀
Oh Lilli, it’s really nice to see you in my town again, you had such a lot of problems with your Wifi, glad that it’s working again ^^

That’s a way better pic of us all 😆 🙂

Later on Wifi crashed again *sigh* and only Liv went back to my town. We were trying to blow dandelions together. 😀


GO! Yay, phooooooo! Sooo sweet 😀

Thanks for the fun girls! ^^



  1. Wow, nice post Mayu! I know how hard it can be to get two people doing on thing at once on camera, well done! 😀

  2. i couldent come back sorry i had to go to bed and after that wifi wasent great anyway sorry 😦

  3. soz my mom and dad turned internet of so my wifi didnt work 😦 i hav to go to school on tuesday so ill open my gates today because its teachertraining day 🙂

    • teachertraining day? whats that? 😦

  4. its were all thew teachers train to be a better teacher so they dont loes the knolege <i dont no how to spell it

  5. i ment i didnt hav to go to school today soz i must of rubbed it out

  6. hehe sorry just curious

  7. its okai do u wanna cum to my town?

  8. i would love to sometime but as you can see i was not online after my last post here hehe claudia? are you georgina? just asking??? (to many questions 😦 )

  9. (Claudia is Georgina yes xD)

  10. lol yeah im georgina its just my real name is claudia but Georgina is my ac:ww ds name

  11. oh ok how old are you claudia? do you live in brizbane?

  12. im 10 and i live in york in england <thats all im saying

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