Posted by: Mayu | February 20, 2009

Fun again in Mitsukyo and li’l ville

Louise and Liv were my visitors this evening:

Same try to blow some dandelions together, but this time I was too fast, sorry about it xP

Haha Liv changed her hair tonight into red pigtails, so we all looked same again ^^

Yay, we’re triplets 😛

Then we decided to go to Louise’s town li’l ville. Pretty entrance as ever, I like it very much.

Liv and me having a nap on Static’s bed.

Lol, it’s always so funny when the faces look so surprised when we bump together 😆

Cuty Louise~♥

Awww, look, another tiny snowman in her town xD.

Close up from sweet Liv and another guest was also there:

That’s Kevin from Köln, a German friend of Louise 😉 Nice to meet you.

Just when I wanted to say good bye to all, Wifi crashed another time… 😦
Meeh, those Wifi crashing has to stop someday, it’s not really funny…



  1. Great post! I love the characters’ faces when they bump into each other! They look like this —> 😯 😆 I also liked it when you were triplets. It’s a really nice design for clothes!

    Hmmm… I don’t know why you’re having WiFi problems… 😦 Maybe it’s because you have so many people trying to get into your town at once? I don’t know… 😦

    • No I think it’s just a matter of Nintendo’s servers… 😦

      • Oh. Well hurry up and fix it Nintendo! 👿

        That being said, WiFi was OK for us yesterday. 😐 Hmmmm…

        • But not before you came lol. Wifi just crashed after 10 min when my town was full xD.

          • Oh. 😆

  2. Oopsie, that last post was me. I really should remember to log into wordpress… 😛

  3. O.o
    LOL I see myself
    but the wifi crashed again and again from what nintendo should be ashamed …
    But regardless, I think Wi-Fi is great because they
    several friends to know

    but also a applaus for wi-fi connection
    I hope these links will be made even better …

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