Posted by: Mayu | February 19, 2009

Let’s Squaredance!

Nico, Louise and Liv came for a visit tonight ^^

Nico as always very cheerful and Louise was an real angel today 😛

Hi princess Liv! Yay, full town again ^^

All were laughing about my ugly snowman xD. Aww I feel sorry for the snowman when you hit him with a net, Nico 😆

They all were trading some items ^^

Hehehe lovely pic of all us, don’t you think so too?

Wifi crashed several times this evening, here they all went back to my town, all in a row lol

Awww, Louise changed her hairstyle and put the same shirt on like Nico. They look like twins xD cuuute!

Nico!! Don’t laugh at Louise, look,she’s going mad! Uh-Oh!!! :mrgreen:

So Liv and me decided to be also twins! 😀

Let’s have fun with Square dance!!! xD

♪♪Bow to your corner, bow to your own.
Four hands up and ’round you go,♪♪

♪♪Break it up with a dosey-do.
Chicken in the bread pan kickin’ out dough,
Skip to ma Lou my darling.♪♪

I hope you enjoyed it xD 😆

One last quiz for you again: who’s behind the umbrellas? (for the answer just click on it 😉 )



  1. Awwww! I got it wrong!! I thought you were in the middle, because your DS screen is always centred around your character^^
    I like your square dance! I did the dosey-do in P.E. (sport) at school, tee hee, I was seven 😆

    • I also had square dance in my school, but that was only once xD. And I forgot all about these lol. But it was quite funny lol

  2. diddnt i come last night? no that was last morning!hehe

  3. 😆

    Great post, Mayu! My favourite parts were when you were all in a line and when Louise got mad! And of course, the squaredance was great! 😆

    • Haha thanks a lot Alfie xD

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