Posted by: Mayu | February 18, 2009

First sight of spring…?

Yay, have you noticed today, that the trees are greener now?

Even the ground is brighter now 😀

The palms looks really fresh under the snow, hooray!
I can’t wait for next Wednesday (25th), then spring is back!!! :mrgreen:



  1. Yes, I noticed also on AC:CF that is was springier^^
    On Monday 23rd it’s the ‘Festivale’ I think perhaps it’s sort of like a festival of the begining of spring^^
    Check this link^^
    I so want that furniture it talks about (Pave Series).

  2. I noticed the trees are greener on ACCF today – it was so nice to see green leaves!

  3. Cool 😀 I love all the seasons on acww 😉 ^^ But, in winter..after a while the snow gets boring 😦 So, I’m glad it’s spring again soon ^^ I can’t wait 😀 Yay for spring! xP Is it true that when spring comes, some of the trees turn into cherry blossoms? Because I love Pink! 😛

  4. yaaaay! no more white and more green!

  5. That was true on ACWW but I’m not sure about the Wii version… Wasn’t there something like the Cherry Blossom festival on the DS, I tink I was always an inactive ACWW player during the Cherry Blossom Festival^^

  6. There was a Cherry Blossom Festival in the GC version, there wasnt one in the ACWW, but the trees turned pink. And in CF, the same thing that happened in ww, happenes in CF, someof the trees turn into cherry blossoms, but some stay the same and sometime in late march or earlky april(i cant remember)cherry blossom petals float down from the sky(that happens in WW too i think, and that was a sign of the cherry blossom festival in the GC)

  7. Ah right^^ Thank you for clearing that up Kyle, I appreciate it lots! yes, I’ve seen pictures of CF when Cherry Blossom Petals float down from the sky, but I never realised it happened on WW.

  8. Oh yay! I’m gonna go play after lunch!
    Can’t~wait~to~catch~some~bugs~ as it gets warmer. x3

  9. The cherry blossom will come on April the 1st on ACWW, they are sooo pretty!! 😀

    Look here some posts from last year:

    Cherry blossom fun

    Cherry Blossom part 2

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