Posted by: Mayu | February 17, 2009

Yuki’s evening with Meow, Eileen♥ and Jenny

Yaay, this evening was pretty nice again! 😀 And for a long time my town has been full again, I missed many people lately in Yuki’s roster, so I was really happy to see all you people tonight 😀

Meow just came when I opened my gates. Hehehe, very cute today again xD

Eileen♥ also dropped by later, hii! Lol, you were quite surprised that I’ve opened with Yuki but I was also glad that you still has her in your roster, ty 😉

Meow was looking for a “frock shirt” and I thought this might be the shirt at the very left, but it was only a tuxedo xP. Haha! 😳

Jenny visited me for the first time! Hello and welcome! 😀

Meow let me check in Redd’s tent if this painting is real or fake. Luckily we Germans can distinguish between them, because we’ve got other names for it. And it was a Seurat (calm painting) so I’m quite sure that it’s real (for further detail about this theme look at this post: Did you know part 16: paintings)

There you have it Meow! 😀

xD, when I told Jenny that I’ll take a pic of her, she went into this position and said:”That’s my best side!” – thank you!! 😆

She liked my concert room, aww we’re both smiling sweet on this pic^^

All together in front of Nookington…wait a moment…

Eileen♥!!! HAHAHA, you look funny!!! xD :mrgreen:

We adults have also a lot of fun with netfighting tehehe! 😆

Thanks for this wonderful evening girls, I hope to see you soon again^^


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