Posted by: Mayu | February 15, 2009

New ACWW friend: Liv from my home

Yay, tonight I’ve met a lot of ACWW friends again, this time Jesse and Nico were there:

Jesse with Mario mustache and Nico with halo. Hi there! 😀

OUCH!! Look, Jesse hurted Nico with his rod! It goes straight through his head! 😯 😯

Then another visitor came:It’s Liv from my home! 😀

Welcome to Mitsukyo! It’s nice that you finally got Wifi ^^

We had a lot of fun 😀

Ohh, Liv accidently shook my money tree, but no worries Liv, I’ll just plant a new one 😉 ! She was really sorry about it though xD The white point on the pic is not my flash of the camera but the very white hair of Jesse lol.

To calm down we ate some fruits together 😛

And after Nico had to go Thomas was there, hii!

Petal also came for a visit after Liv had to go, but unluckily I haven’t got any further photos of you two… 😦 Sorry about that.
Thanks for the fun, guys! 😀



  1. sorry about the money tree

  2. and thnx 4 the money bags they helped me pay my morgage xD

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