Posted by: Mayu | February 14, 2009

Magic carpet!

This evening I had visits from Kyle, Jesse (with the Tut wig) and Louise ^^

Jesse saw the crown in my Able sisters shop so we gathered all bells that he could buy it 😉

Hehehe, Jesse just changed his Tut wig for the crown 😉

Looks nice! xD And you’re the first boy I saw with a ponytail, but it’s not bad! 😀

In return he gave me another present. It was a cheated item and when I put it into my house I was very surprised:

It’s an exotic carpet, but it’s standing right in the room, difficult to explain, I’ll show you on other pictures that too.

Kyle was also surprised lol. I’ve never seen such an item before… 😯

But it can be put on the ground and picked up again like any other furniture so I think it’s not dangerous. Thanks for this magic carpet Jesse :mrgreen:

Kyle and me were really fixed together when we talked to Rowan xP lol

And Jesse pushed Robin almost out of the door, haha! 😀

In the end Alb@ny also dropped by (with the green shirt), I really enjoyed this evening, thanks a lot! ^^



  1. Woow, that magic carpet looks so cool! 😀 If it sold at Tom Nook’s, I would buy it right away!

  2. Is that magic carpet a glitch item? 😕 Because If it is’nt then that’s so cool! xD 😀

    • What is a glitch item? No, I think it can be cheated normally with the AR and doesn’t have a bad effect on your game… 😉

  3. if someone had an alladin themed house that’d be so cool.

    • Ohh that’s a nice idea Michela ^^. Perhaps I’ll make such a room in near future 😉

  4. : )
    Would you put the magic carpet in?

  5. 🙂 The Magic Carpet, Turban… ummm, You’ll have to look through all catalogue^^

  6. the current carpet is good and then you need to add the matching wallpaper.

  7. Ah, yes^^

  8. ooo And some Redd (fox) stuff. Paintings, a fountain, boxes, fruit, classic sofa.

    • That sounds awesome! Yes when I do it I’ll of course put the magic carpet in it xD

  9. Thea i shall be on the chatroom.

  10. ooo Im so pleased i thought of it!

  11. Btw did you read my comment on the guest book.

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