Posted by: Mayu | February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines in Twilight

Nyuu’s gates were open later and I dropped in to say hello.
I was really surprised when I got through the gates, her town was decorated beautifully because of Valentine’s day! 😀 😯 😀

Such lovely patterns, Nyuu, you’re a master of decorating ^^

The date was set to summer’s evening so that we had fireworks in the sky. Look, there’s even a heart in the sky!! xD Wow!!

Louise was also there^^. The town is really pretty!

Nyuu prepared also some roman candles and party poppers for us to lit them, niice!

Yaay, Happy Valentines Day everyone!! 😀

Another nice spot in her town. Louise is at the very back on the left and Nyuu for half at the right xD

Kasumi came for a visit, she’s a German friend of Nyuu ^^

All over the town you can find such beautiful flower beds!

Your town is really great Nyuu! I can’t wait to see it again when you decorate it new again 😀



  1. Nyuu’s town is so so impressive! But won’t she loose all her beautiful hybrids when she time travels back? It seems a shame that that will happen…

  2. Nope, I won´t loose my hybrids, I can cheat new ones 🙂

  3. Ohh, you have AR 🙂 your town really is awesome! Are you going to get AR for ACCF? Or do you not have ACCF? Sooo many questions, sorry!

  4. Thea, I don’t think there’s AR for AC:CF….

  5. there is lightshine.

  6. wow. Gr8 town.

  7. beautiful town omg it must of took u 1 hour to do that also katze gave me ur water pattern me and lucillex love ur desins well al of urs thatt are in the photo diary

    • That wasn’t my town Claudia, it’s the town from Nyuu 😉
      But thanks for saying such nice words to my designs 😳

  8. OMG Those pic’s are mint x
    Mayu ..can you come to my town and help m make a floor thing with the designs.. i meen the flower beds:D:D
    i would love them(L) xxxx
    i lovee this site(Y) xx

    Write back.. asap

    • I can display the flower bed at my Ables, next time you come just fetch it 😉

  9. OMG
    i wanna be mates with nyuu 😀 xxxx


    Here’s my friend code? 163395715220
    Name; (L)Mia(L) Town> Lovee

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