Posted by: Mayu | February 12, 2009

Nice turnip deal and nice friends again^^

Yay what a lovely morning/day. It all began with a superb turnip price in Murmel’s town Maerbel:

520bells per turnip!!!! 😯 WOOOOHOOOOO! I’ve earned about 4mio bells by selling all my turnips xD. And my house is clean again, yay! :mrgreen:

Thanks a lot Murmel, you’re really great that you even open your gates although you were so busy this morning 😉

Later on I promised to open my gates with Miki, hoping that I would meet Lilli today:

But I had other visitors: It’s Eileeeeeeeen♥ ! YAAAY, nice to see you again! ^^

This place reminded us of spring – we both can’t wait for the 25th to see fresh green again in ACWW 😀

We went visiting Eileen♥’s boyfriend Stitches LOL
(hahaha click here to see the proof. It’s from the post in August 2008 😉 )

Nico and P!nk were also there and together we met up at Eileen♥s coconut tree “lingg” ^^

Whoa, you too with a bikini!! 😯 It’s winter here in Germany not all-year-summer like in Singapore xD 😆



  1. 520 bells! i sold mine today for 187 V_V

    • to Albany: Well, better than having sold them for 102 xP

      to Jesse: Oh I think that has nothing to do with the tut mask that your turnips got rotten. Did you put them over one week in your house? After one week they are going to rot but if you want to prevent this, you have to put the turnips on tables 😉

      to Sutokit: Thanks for visiting my blog! 😀 It’s so nice to read from people how they came here and that they like it. I appreciate it a lot 🙂 Look at the FAQ section, I’ve given all a link how I take photos from my DS.
      Fushi is your real name? Never heard it before, sounds really nice. Where do you come from?

  2. I BOUGHT A KING TUT MASK! Does that hav anything to do with your turnis rotting? I bought it, and I went to check my turnips (I dont know why) And they were rotten! I tuk them outside and put them on the ground. Does anyone want an ant or a fly?
    p.s. If you put an ant in your house you get a antfarm! How do u spell tuk!

  3. Oh my gosh! I just found your blog on google and I love it! I didn’t know anyone did this kind of thing online! 😀 I loved the animal crossing for the gamecube and just got the Wild World on Saturday. My town is pretty pathetic right now but someday it’ll be awesome. x3

    How did you take those pictures you use? Just a normal camera.

    My name is Fushi, by the way, but my in-game name is Sutokit.

  4. I bought the turnips on Sunday. Does time traveling have anything to do with this?
    p.s. My rotten turnips i left outside dissapeared! 😦 O well. Iv always wondered how u take such AWSESOME pictures that arent fuzzy! 🙂

    • to Jesse: Yes time traveling will let your turnips spoil! 😯 So better not to time travel 😉

  5. *haha* I wish Fushi was my real name, it’s actually Ashley but I like sounding a bit different. I’m from the southern east of the United States, down in Florida. 🙂 Where it’s supposed to be hot but currently freezing!

    • Wow in Florida, that sounds nice! 😀 But you’ve got cold winter there now? xP Poor Fushi!
      And no problem about your question 😉

  6. Oh! And thanks for letting me know about the FAQ! I found the page right after I asked you and felt so stupid. x3

  7. My grandma lives in florida and says its boiling hot. She lives in spring hill.

  8. I wish it was boiling hot here.
    A lot better then freezing your butt off.
    Dorm rooms are extra cold because the heat smells like dead rat when used. Can’t wait for summer!

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