Posted by: Mayu | February 9, 2009

Bright nights in Manila and CoolTown

I opened my gates again at 11AM because Lilli and I wanted to try to meet up again. But P!nk told me that she still has got problems with her router, ohhh! 😦
Nico dropped also by 😀

Still very winterlike in our towns… I can’t wait for spring xD

Oh this is a pic of Manila, Nico’s new town (again, pls readd him!!), I brought some fruits for him 😉

Ahh right from today on we’ve got Bright Nights so all neighbour’s houses are decorated with bulb lights ;). I saw that in this house…

Vesta is living! *love* Awww she’s also moving out, I hope I’ll get her!! xD

Another house with the cute lights on it. But they do look all the same to me, don’t you think so too? Why have we to choose every day the best house though? Lol, I think it’s just to get friends with them easier when you say to Tortimer that you like this special house the most. At the end of the week a winner is announced from Tortimer (the one you chose the most during the week) and that’s all about the week… boring… 😦 No special visitors, no Joan at sunday to buy turnips, nothing!!! Meeeh!)

Miki in action xD! But it was just a barberel 😉

Whoa Nico, you’ve bought loads of turnips!! Lol, hope we get a good turnip price this week :D. Fingers crossed! 😉

Lovely sweet tiny house again…

…but also already some hybrids next to his house, awesome! 😀

LOL, P!nk, you’re crazy to wear a bikini in winter!!! xD 😆

While Nico and me were chatting, P!nk tried to anger us… you want a fight?!?

You get one!!! 👿 😆 lol

Later on we also went to CoolTown, P!nk’s town ^^. I love your path patterns, those yellow/black tiles are pretty 🙂

And she has got flowers everywhere, awww! ^^

Hehehe nice idea to decorate the empty house places with some patterns 🙂

Another nice spot in CoolTown.

Ahhh at night the houses look much better than during daytime. Lovely!

Hi, big fatty snowman!! :mrgreen:

This is the last picture for today, the wallpaper is her selfdesigned town flag, coool 8)
Thanks for the fun P!nk and Nico, and I feel sorry for you Lilli, that you can’t visit other towns at the moment… 😦 Hope you get your router back to working soon… 😉



  1. I hope you get Vesta too! You’ve waited 2 years!! Don’t visit anyone elses town in the mean time 😉

    • Thank you Thea, you’re always so kind ^^. But Nico persuaded her again to stay, so no chance this time lol. Well – someday(!) I’ll have my Vesta, that’s for sure!!!:twisted:

  2. lotsa adjectives for the house lol.
    In ACCF, you can put carpet and wallpaper in the basement! So its like a downstairs living room! *dances*

  3. yay! i got it working just now so anytime recently would be good to visit 😀

  4. Huhu Mayu 😉

    Ich habe Dolly nicht weggehen lassen, weil in deine Stadt in dem moment keine wegziehen wollte. Also sagt mir bescheid, wenn jemand deine Stadt verlassen hat, sodass du bald Dolly kriegen wirst 🙂

  5. hey nico wanna visit?

  6. I know Nico xD, the 👿 doesn’t has to do that I’m upset you didn’t let her go. I’m just mad about myself that during the 2 1/2 years of game play I didn’t have Vesta ONCE in my town, arrrrgh lol

  7. Perhaps you’ll be luckier in accf^^ More sheep, bigger chance 😉

    Click this link and scroll down to the ‘Sheep’ section. I think they’re all cute! Is Vesta still your favourite now 😛 ? I think it’s not likely that you’ll prefer another to Vesta^^

    • to Thea: Haha thanks for the link but I still love Vesta xP

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