Posted by: Mayu | February 8, 2009

Tutty alarm!!

Today I had lot of strange visitors, first came Luigi(Nico), then a sweet angel(Nyuu) and my last visitor gave me the creep – a female pharao called TUTTY! (aka Petal xD)

We were all suspicious about Tutty… >.> What is she going to do…?

The angel was scared and left town but a green elf called Sophie came instead (yaay, so nice to see you again :D)

Nico began to water TUTTY….

…dun…dun…DUN… you can’t be mad about those cute eyes, can you…?!? :mrgreen:

TUTTY is mumbling some words into her mask, full of suspense we waited for…


It was hard to beat Tutty we had a good fight xD! Suddenly there was silence… and TUTTY is gone. It must have been a bad nightmare…

Haha, I hope you don’t mind that I made a little story about it, Petal, but it was really funny this evening xD. Well later on we decided to go to Sophie’s town londy to help deweeding her town, because she didn’t play ACWW for a long time 😉

Niice, you’ve got a froggy town flag, too 😀

Well, we didn’t have that much to do, most of the weeds were plucked by Sophie before so we just had another island to work on. 😉

Sorrel also came to help, hello 😀

Argh, just when I wanted to take a pic of Nico and Sorrel, she was running away lol. Sorry about that I didn’t make another pic of you… 😦

Then I also went to Sorrel’s town, but there I couldn’t do much because I had to leave soon, so no pics either.. 😦
I have to visit you soon again! 😀 CU next time 😉



  1. sorry for running away lorl ^^

  2. 😆

    Mayu, you’re starting to become really funny! I look forward to some more posts that make me giggle! 😆

  3. actually mayu, that was a brill story! 😀 I dont know how you come up with things like that^^

    • Haha thanks Petal 😉

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