Posted by: Mayu | February 8, 2009

Snowangels in Funky

Ha, this time Meow was awake when I visited her this afternoon:D

Aww every time I visit you you look different. Awesome! ^^

Woow, look at those pretty snowangels in the snow! That’s a great idea Meow 😯

Hahaha, Anchovy has got the toilet right next to his desk 😆
I agree with you Meow, he’s REALLY lazy :mrgreen:

Meow and I were wondering what this grey thing might be on the shelf…
Do you have any idea? 😕

Yaay, Meow has collected three red turnips! That’s not bad… 48.000 bells when they’ve been grown up 8)

Then I went to Celeste to have a look on Funky’s star constellations

LOL, EFF-RRRRR, what a cool name for this long constellation xD

And I almost find in every sky this mysterious star constellation “14” at the bottom, I think it’s really smart to have one tiny picture that’s going to almost every town, because most people leave their sky empty at this area… lol

Thanks for the lovely afternoon Meow 😀



  1. The thing on the shelf… It looks like the really old Nitendo. It’s a box that you connect to the TV and put this huge game into it and only get to do a few things. I use to have one, my friend didn’t want it so I got it for free! It was fun, but very pixelated.

  2. Ahh that’s not a bad idea, but the NES was only sold in America or Europa so not really a Japanese item…
    But you’re right it looks kinda similar:

    In Japan and our family had the Famicom instead (same game type though):

    I had such a good time with our beloved Famicom, many hours were spend on Dragon Quest 1-4 or Zelda and my brother loved all the sports games on it lol

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