Posted by: Mayu | February 7, 2009

Cindy and Thomas

…were my visitors today 😀

Cindy looks really pretty tonight with the long blonde hair and the moon hairpin 😀

And this is Thomas, a new ACWW friend from Norway, cool 8) !

We all first went to Cindy’s town to have a look in her new styled house:

She’s got a colourful kiddie room now, aww you’ve got Peanut’s photo there.

In every room there was nice music, I could really relax in this room, haaaa~ 😉

Yay, your right room is also a fruits room xD. But you offer all types of fruits there 😉

Cindy has got… flying golden roses in her town, LOL! 😆 Coooool! 8)

And this golden roses bed surrounded by the bis stones and money trees was also really pretty 😀

Then we decided to go to Thomas’ town Pelbourn


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