Posted by: Mayu | February 6, 2009

Trading items with Meow, Juseh and Alex

I opened gates with Yuki this time because Juseh was asking so kindly for it 😉 (sorry, that I use to play so often with Miki xD)

Nice to see you too Meow and the boy at the right is Alex, the sub character of Nico from Manila 😉 (who let I temporarily play on Yuki’s roster)

Soon they began to look what they could trade on my event place, but where’s Juseh?

There he is, yay! 😀

Hehehe, it was funny to see everybody busy with picking up stuff and leaving some other things for it ^^

Awww, look at the romantic eyes from Alex while he was playing the piano 😳

Meow and I were visiting Dotty, who must feel very lonely to have three spacemen in her house… xP

That’s also Meow, but without the wig. I like the colourful photo of us 🙂

Juseh also took the chance to sell his turnips in my town as the price was around 210 bells. Here we talked to each other when he was finished.

In the end we had a little fishing session in our cow costumes lol.

Thanks for the nice evening ^^. Pls tell me again, when you want to visit my town, I’ll also look for your gates 😉


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