Posted by: Mayu | February 6, 2009

ACCF photos Part 2 by Kat

Breaking news!!!

Tortimer’s secret lover revealed – here’s a photo of them kissing to prove it, lol.

This is the lovely Princess furniture in Gracies

The bus at night leaving the city

Look what I caught! I caught another 2 after that.

Pete was waiting for me to come out of my house

This was what the letter said

I donated lots of money to the town fund, and here’s why

A much needed coffee

Groovin with KK



  1. Wow, the princess furniture looks awesome! Great pics again Kat 😀
    What did you get from Captain Olivar? Sounds interesting…

    • Its a pikmin hat! They give so many good items like a nintendog chiwawa figure
      and a snowman hat! And soo many things, but I always seem to miss them. Oh well XD

    • It looks like this ~~>

      • Ahh that was it! 😀 Thanks for the info Lynette♥ ^^

  2. Hi Mayu,

    I got the Red Pikmin hat, and because I have four characters – Kat, Bertie, Angel & Swiftie – they each got one, so that’s four Pikmin hats!

    I couldn’t believe I caught 3 Coelacanths – I didn’t catch a single one in two years of playing ACWW, but caught those 3 quite easily when it was snowing on Wednesday.

  3. omigosh! you are getting really far on ACCF really fast! probably because you dont have to go to school 7 hours a day but thats amaazing! LeKaia’s getting a bridge 😀

  4. Wow this is so different to ACWW it’s shocking!

  5. when does the furniture in gracies change kat?
    i dont know and ive still got gorgeous in mine 😦

  6. Lilli, it changed on the 1st February here in the UK.

    You will know when it’s going to change because the have a sale. First the goods are about 20% off, then 40% then 50% then soon after that it changes.

    The Princess stuff is so lovely, but very very expensive.

  7. How did you earn so much money Kat?? You’re a great ACCF player!
    And do you know how you got a letter from Nintendo? Oh, and another question 😛 What does the Pikmin hat look like?

  8. how did you get the letter form Olimar and what did you get?

  9. Everyone in the UK should over the next few days get the letter if they have wii connect 24 switched on. It comes from Nintendo.

    The red Pikmin hat is what you get Thomas.

    I get my money because I’ve planted a town full of foreign fruit trees and pick it all every time it grows – the money soon mounts up.

  10. I’ve heard of Wii Connect 24, how do you turn it on?

  11. Not sure if Copper at the gate tells you about it,

    If not check out this info on Nintendos UK site –

    That tells you all you need to know.

  12. man the pictures are so clear! Is this on nintendo ds??

    • Umm, you can see from the title that these pictures are from ACCF (Animal Crossing City Folk) so that’s a game for the Wii. And yes the pictures are so clear and brightly I’m jealous about it. And it seems to be really easy to take a pic on Wii (just a click on the Wii controller and the photo is done)

  13. mayu if i sent u some of my accf pics could u plz make a post? ( i dont no ur email, and i do have acc but i NEVER go on it, nor do i really no how to use it)
    so maybe u could send me an email privatly, I’ll just have to send it from my mums adress coz on hotmail u cant rly put pics in ur messages
    so if u sent me an email then i would send an email to that adress from my mums with the pictues, well, could u make a post? 🙂

    • Yes, I would make one post about your ACCF pics. Can I email you on the adress that you’ve given here?

      • yes u can, thats my email lol XD

        • I tried yesterday to write at your adress but I got an error message that this wasn’t succesful. Can you check your email account if it’s empty enough to get another email? lol

          • it should be, i checked them this morning and i only had 8, and once my friend had like 96 in their inbox…
            try again maybe

            • Ok Tilly I’ll try again ^^

  14. if anyone got the dog statue or a nintendo ds can you give it to me my name is Tiger and my town is CAT TOWN.

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