Posted by: Mayu | February 5, 2009

Miki’s day with friends

Hehehe I played in the morning with Miki, in the afternoon and later on in the evening, too… 🙄

Here are some pics of this day:

Louise was my first visitor of the day and she had something bad to tell, but this will be my next post, so I won’t mention it now 😉

P!nk in her lovely blue cool stripes came, too, hii! 😀

And Cindy was also there ^^. They all traded some items and after 30 minutes I had to go… 😉

Then at 2PM I promised Kyle to open and he must have been waiting for me, because just when I opened my gates he soon was there, I even couldn’t get out of my gates during that time lol

We chit-chatted about some German words and such things 😉

Hahaha, “brb, coffee” is really what you need now…btw bring me one, too ,yawn xP

LOL, too late xP :mrgreen:

Later on Nyuu from Twilight came over and also Cindy but…

…this is the only pic from her in the front?? Sorry about that Cindy xD I know that’s a bad photo.

Lol, that’s a pic from the evening play. Louise was there and it looks like we both are not very interested in either selling nor buying xP

The running chara is Petal, she just checked the stuff lying on ground 😉

Louise’s umbrella stole us the show lol, never mind! xD

Ok, that was all, hope to see you all soon again 😉



  1. Ohh, what was Louise’s bad news?? Tee hee, I’m not very patient wating for your next post am I^^

    Ummm, plz ignore my email I put in, it’s fake, but so I can comment on other people’s sites who have email as ‘required’

    • Hello Thea, I think I set my blog that you don’t have to put an email in it ;), you can leave it blank if you want ^^ And next post is published now hehe

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