Posted by: Mayu | February 5, 2009

432 bells in Sunhill!!

Yaay, turnip-thursday again! :mrgreen:
Martina’s Nook from Sunhill offered us a wonderful price for the turnips: amazing 432 bells! Woooot! 😀

So I packed my bag full of turnips and went to Sunhill:

Wow, you remodeled your town, looks really nice, I’ve to have a closer look when I’m finished with selling my turnips 😉

648.000 bells for one load of turnips :mrgreen: (and I had 5 other full loads waiting at home to be sold, too 😛 )

Hi Martina, yay, thanks for opening your gates^^ After 20 minutes of turnip selling I was done and Martina showed me her new styled town:

Wow, that’s a pattern of your dog. Amazing! 😀

And this seems to be a universe or something like that xD

Doggie’s poo can be found of course, too LOL 😆 I like your path Martina, it looks great! ^^

Yin and Yang pattern in front of her house 😉 (do you also say Yin and Yang?)

Well her house was like it used to be, but that’s ok. I really liked her ranch room, so I was happy to see it still there 😀

The treasure room is also very decorative ^^

Woow 😯 , a tiger! Martina said it was really difficult to pixel it, I bet!! lol

And she replaced a lot of fruit trees with cedars. That must be looking so nice next week on bright nights, when all cedars are going to sparkle 😀

It was a funny and succesful morning, thanks a lot Martina, you’re the best! ^^



  1. i cant remember but i thuink that she is one of your german friends right?(your playing with mayu)well, do you mind if i ask you a favor?
    well, here gos:
    the next time you go to her town can you please ask her for a copy of that pattern? it looks way better than the one i have . . .

    • You mean the stone path? I’ve seen it somewhere on a blog, I will look for it. Otherwise I can also ask her for that pattern, I think that’s no problem… give me some days 😉

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