Posted by: Mayu | February 4, 2009

1st anniversary blogging on wordpress

Wow, today I’ve been blogging here on wordpress for one full year! 😀
It happened a LOT during this year and I wanted to share with you some statistics about it 😉

This <- was my first post on wordpress and I introduced you my (at that time) three charas Mayu, Yuki and Haru there and at this time I already blogged about my adventures with my friends but the posts were only seeable on three different animal crossing boards. So I decided to put them all together on one own blog and I was really happy that I find very comfortable for doing this 😀 . I remember like it was yesterday how excited I was the first days when I saw visitors coming to my blog and even some who also comments here lol.

Some special visitors at the first days were:
Emöke, who was my first visitor on this blog 🙂

Melissa, my first unknown people who commented on my blog and even my first USA-Wifi-friend and my first who I inspired to do an ACWW blog by herself, LOL!! 😀

WordPress-blogger know that there’s an awesome feature for us blog-admins here :…. THE BLOG STATS!!
Hahaha I really loved it from the first moment, it has got a great feature to see all the stats that concern to this page like how many people visited my site, from where did they come, what have they searched and such things, really really interesting by the way lol.

Well I’ll share some stats about my blog for this one year 😉


Here’s a statistic of how many views (or hits) I had over the months:

Isn’t it interesting? In February 2008 I began with 840 views for the month, March was even lower with 597 views. But then it began to rise as I also adopted all my old entries from the acww boards to this blog and when you all had summer holidays it was suddenly increasing such a lot!! In August I had the peak of 21919 views!! 😯 I was really shocked about this time that suddenly there were sooo many visitors here xD. That was happy times for me :mrgreen:

10 top posts

Let’s see where my visitors went the most time over the year:

Really interesting, well “Your FC’s” is used instead of chatting so no wonder that I had such a lot of clicks there, same with guestbook 😉 .
But Resetti is really famous here, don’t you think so too? That was really surprising to me.

10 top referrers

The stats from where my visitors came:

Here I have to say fuchskaninchen a BIG thank you!! 😀 Four of the ten came from her site, I really appreciate it a lot! The same big thank you goes also to Fluffy and Maya, I can’t believe how many visitors you brought me lol. Fantastic!! ♥

10 top Search Terms

This is my favourite stats, I’m sometimes laughing loud what people search and how they came to my blog 😆

But the top ten aren’t that funny, but you can find Resetti there again! And really interesting, that people who are looking for the meaning of “hajimemashite” also come to my blog, because I’ve got made once one(!) post about my Japanese friend and from that on I got sooo many people coming to my blog who just wants to know the japanese meaning of it LOL.

10 top clicks on my blog

So what do you click the most here?:

The CHAT ROOM!!! xD 😆 :mrgreen:
I didn’t expect that because it’s quite new on this blog, but I’m happy that you go there that often, and sorry that I’m rather seldom there xP . Second is my minicity (thanks a lot) and then your blogs are beginning to be listed, yay! That’s really good, I like to see my visitors also going to other blogs to check them ;). Interesting to see that you also like to check the “Who’s amung us” button 😛 hehe

Summary stats

Over all I had:

almost 150.000 hits, 5.323 comments, but also 3.753 spams (which Akismet automatically detects, yay. That are just commercial advertisements, no comments from normal people)!! rofl





  1. : ) Your welcome. But on the hits it goes down really quickly from 19,000 (january) to about 700 (february) although that might be as the month isn’t over. Wow. You are popular. Just letting you know this is the best acww diary on the internet (no offence to others as you quited blogging i think whereas mayu blogs nearly every day. No offence again to those you quit. I quit to. Im so ashamed. Im just not really into blogging. No offense yet again. Wow I’m typing so fast. Ahhh gotta close the bracket). Your blog is so interesting and funny in places and very well updated and unlike some people you have the time to make it the best that it is and it is the best that it is. I think you started to get more views as you posted stories. Wow I’m typing really quick. I bet it was that website that taught me to type… back to the point.
    My experience with Mayu’s blog.
    I came across this blog searching for acww diary. I just read it for a long time and then brought up the courage (lol) to comment. Then I found out I couldn’t do wifi (sob) and then finally one day i managed to meet Yuki with Willa. Then I also found out I can wifi with Alan, Nico, Kaya and spencer. (where are you spencer)???? Aka Vesuvious. And then I fell into the clutches of AR. Until it ruined my game. And then I got seeded repetitly. And then now I have Bayville. Which Ive had for a while. And here I am. Wow real long comment. GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE MAYU! BLOG AWAY!!! I really apprciate it. Me and others absolutly love this blog and so do others.

  2. Wow, asides from your chatroom and mini-city, my blog had most clicks… I think perhaps I had people always checking for updates 😛
    You’ve given me the best year ever! Thx to you changing your blog to English language, when I typed in ‘Bright Nights’ your blog came up. I actually was looking for what the point of Bright Nights is but, hey, I think I got a better thing than a definition of Bright Nights… I got you, a loyal and helpful friend, who’s passion and knowledge for ACWW helped to make this blog the most perfect place to chat and interact with friends who all have one thing in common: an addiction to ACWW.
    I may not Wi-Fi with you anymore, but while I did, I made and exceptional amount of friends:
    Kate (Amanda)
    Lolli (Jennifer)
    Sink (Sarah)
    I think that’s all 😉
    You own possibly the best ACWW blog, ever and I hope you’ll still be updating it next year!

  3. 6th? Me, sixth on the most clicked? Too bad it’s my dead blog… :p

    Congrats, Mayu. I know we’ve been talking less and less, but we’re not completely out of touch. That’s the horrible thing about this blog, even when you don’t play ACWW you keep checking back to see what’s new! 👿

    😆 Haha, just joking. It must feel really great to be the host of such a popular website, huh? I’ve got to get me one o’ thems… :p

    I think you’ll continue blogging for a while. I know it sounds like a scary long time, but I’m guessing that you’ll be seeing a fifth anniversary. I can’t imagine you ever giving up, you’ve got so many loyal and dedicated fans. I’m not sure if the day of you giving up will ever come! 😀

  4. Huhu Mayu 😉

    Bitte schön und gut gemacht 😉

    eine frage: Hast du schon deine Rüben verkauft?
    Wenn nicht, dann kommt doch zu mir, denn mein Preis ist heute 416

  5. miki

    wow u hav been blogging 4 a long time and is today ur anniversity?! u should hav told me nvm!

    will u b coming 2 my twn at 7:30 i am hoping it works! i hav spoken 2 cindy and we made friends.

    and BTW i definetly agree with alfonso u r gonna keep this blog goin 4 a loooooonnnnggg time :mrgreen:

    from louise 😀

  6. Wow, thats great miki!

  7. WOW! I guess that my present can be a blog anniversary present! ha ha. Congratulations!

  8. Keep up the cool blogging! =)

  9. cool ow took me awile to read allllllllllllllthat info few im tired now 🙂

  10. to Michela: Wow thanks a lot for your long comment, I was rly happy to read it, about what you wrote thanks a lot!!! And you’re right February is not over so the views are still very low at this time 😉 It’s really sad that I can’t connect to you again over Wifi, this one time I really should have stay longer and not going home to fetch some flowers!! Arrgh I still regret it very much!! 😛 But you’re such a wonderful blog visitor and I’m really honoured that you visit it so often, thank you I really appreciate it 😉

    to Thea:it’s really interesting to see how you people came to my blog and you are really one of my eldest blog readers, thank you and your family so much!! It’s nice to see such a lot of nice people here you helped me also a lot with my English and it was really fun playing with you ACWW. Even if you don’t play ACWW now you are one of my bestest ACWW friends and I won’t forget our meetings 😉

    to Alfonso: Thanks a lot Alfonso, I was also glad about your comment. Yes, you’re right, we’re not talking that much anymore (because we don’t play ACWW together now) but it makes me happy that you still visit my blog from time to time 😀 You remind me of the good summer time where I had such a GREAT fun together with Julia, Hanna, Eileen and you, how many times did we play together. AWESOME!! I hope we still stay friends 😉

    to all the others: Thank you, thank you for all the nice compliments and encouraging!! I’m really flattered that I have such a lot of nice&good friends here 😀

  11. I’ll try and find ACWW, me and Julia were talking about an ACWW reunion. O:

    • Awww that would be so nice! Tell me if you have set a date meet up again 😀

  12. Wow! That’s a lot more hits than I get! Have any tips on promoting your blog and getting more hits.

  13. wow no one has postted on here for a long time but I just spoiled that

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