Posted by: Mayu | February 3, 2009

New friend: Yotsuba from Yotsubox

In my chatroom I met a new visitor and after a while we decided to visit each other 🙂
First I was invited to come to Yotsubox, yay:

Awww, nice entrance! So colourful, really nice!

Ahh, no wonder I was thinking it’s very colourful here – her date is set to spring in May!! 😀 😆 Cooool!! 8)

May I introduce you – that’s Yotsuba, a really nice girl from the USA. Her name means “4-leaf” in Japanese ^^.

Yaay, butterflies are flying around here. Oh it has been a while when we saw a butterfly, hasn’t it? I want spring noooow! (Can’t wait for the 25th of February)

There were some weeds spreading over her town but we also found this 4-leaf-clover, a perfect accessory for Yotsuba 😉

Sorrel came later too, and look at those beautiful blue tulip patterns 😀

Have I already told you, that I like weeding? :mrgreen:

Pick, pick, pick! Yaaaay! 😆

This room was so cool in Yotsuba’s house 😀 .Scaary fire bar 😯 xP

The upper room was full of Gracie’s shirts, nice! ^^

After that we also went to my town, because Yotsuba wanted to change her hairstyle but we had only some minutes left before Nook is closing his shop. And unluckily Wifi crashed during this time unbelievable three times, so there was no chance to go to Harriet’s. 👿 But at least we could stroll over the town a little while 😉

I had a lot of fun with you, thanks a lot 😀



  1. Guess what! I wasin my freinds town, and i plucked 4 4 leaf clovers! YAY!

    • You lucky one! 😀

  2. thats a cute town

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