Posted by: Mayu | February 3, 2009

From Manila to Mitsukyo

Nico invited me this evening to come to Manila, as I haven’t seen his new rebuilded town yet 😉

Ohh, your house is tiny again. 😦 But cute! xD

Hehe Sorrel and I said hello to Tina the tuna lol.

And the snowman looks sooo huge next to me 😮

Hi Nico! ^^ Kaya at the left also dropped by and Sorrel looks really excited on this pic 😆

Ahh, much better here Sorrel xP hehe

Then I promised to open gates at 9PM and soon my town was full with the friends from Nico’s town lol.

Ouch! You cut Nico’s head with your umbrella, Sorrel!! 😯 xD

The new event seems to be quite interesting for my visitors, yay 😀

P!nk came through the gates, woohoo! ^^

Soon she also started to trade some items 🙂

Hehe it’s great that we can play together either in my mornings or my evenins 😉

Nico and I were watering us all the time 😆 (sorry for the bad pixel quality I realised too late that this gif-file was extremley ummm compressed(?) )

Nyuu was my next visitor after P!nk had to go ^^

Hahaha, squuuueeeeze, we all three together at one spot xP 😆 (Wifi is sometimes really interesting tehehe)

Nyuu also liked to water unnecessary things lol

It was a fun evening! 😀



  1. That was fun… remember how Nico said, “It’s not not healthy, especially in winter.” THAT WAS SO FUNNY!

  2. charcoalgal? do you wanna come to my town that is if…your still here

  3. Oh, lilli, in case you didn’t know I’m P!nk (Sorry I have so many names and nicknames) again and hopefully I’ll join you and Mayu in Mitsukyo.

  4. ok hehe you really do hav millions of names i get so confused…you do no ive only got ONE brain

  5. Well, I based charcoalgal on charlotte because the CHAR in CHARlotte makes me think of charcoal.

  6. oh hehe

  7. Where did Kaya go. I had real fun wifi-ing with her… 😦

    • Oh you don’t know it either? Yes, it has been a while when we met up last time… 😦

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