Posted by: Mayu | February 2, 2009

Metty, Hambone and Wally xD

Hehehe, this evening was a lot of fun in Sorrel’s town loveland ^^.
In the afternoon Sorrel was admiring the Metroid in my house and so I gave it to her as present 😉 She named it Metty, lol, how cute is that xD. So just when I arrived to loveland I had to visit Metty in Sorrel’s house:

Heyho Metty, I hope you’re doing fine here 😀 . What did you say? Sorrel gave you better food than me?!? Ungrateful creature! 👿 😆

Ohh, she’s really happy about Metty ^^

Then I visited also her other pets: Hambone the hamster and Wally the bitterling, hiyaaa! :mrgreen:

Soon the town was full, the other visitors were:

Nico from Manila 🙂 and

that’s Nyuu from Twilight also known as Chaya from DrewDrop. She had to restart her game because the old one was suddenly kaput 😦 Ohhhhh 😦

Egbert looks SOOO WEEEIIIRRD in Hailey’s bikini outfit ROFL 😆 :mrgreen:

And I noticed many new hybrids in loveland, well done Sorrel 😀

Ohh this pattern was so awesome, tiny little squares in loads of different colours, lovely!! I had to wear it, thank you Sorrel ^^

Nyuu went to Condo later on and instead of her Louise arrived, yay. 😀
We had together a lot of fun with her google translated sentences into German, Nico and me were laughing loud about the strange words she was giving us. I bet you also laugh sometimes loud, when I’m writing such a crap English here, hehehe xP

Thanks for the lovely evening, tomorrow at 8PM I’m going to Nico’s town Manila and perhaps will open around 9PM with Miki to let you come to trade ;)-



  1. Metty, what a sweet name^^
    I don’t know about other English people but in my house ‘crap’ is a swear word 😦 not as bad as bull shit though 😛

    • Ohhh 😳 good to know, thank you. I really have to learn which bad words are not like swearing and which shouldn’t be used… I really appreciate that you all help me! xD

  2. Tee hee! I’m sure you’ll learn! I’d love to give you all swear words I know but I won’t, don’t want to be rude or offend anyone 🙂

    • Yes thanks for the offer but I think it’s not needed to disturb other people lol (and anyway swear word are always quite the easiest words in a foreign language lol, my mother also learned her first German word by hearing my father’s swearing LOL)

  3. LOL! My first word was ‘Oh dear’ xD Mum used to say it a lot!

    • Mine was Duck-a. So duck.

      • Ohhh, cute 😀 my best friends first word was ‘Quack’ 😆

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