Posted by: Mayu | February 2, 2009

First trades in Mitsukyo

I haven’t updated the blog with the new event yet but soon had my first visitors for it this morning lol. Sorrel, Petal and Cindy took the chance to visit me, as they had school off because of the bad snow in UK 😉

Cute Sorrel was my first visitor ^^

She traded an ebony piano for the treasure chest, yay 😀

And later on Petal took also an item and left a really rare thing there – the rainbow feather 😯 (hey, and it’s still there to be fetched lol)

We chit-chatted also a lot and I left a message on my bulletin board for Petal who checked it out in that moment 😉

Just before I had to go Cindy also dropped by and I let my gates open while I was busy… But later on I noticed that Wifi broke, I hope you could play at least for a while?



  1. aww wifi crash i know BAD RESETTI OO

  2. yh, bad wifi! but that was really fun;) oh, and I noticed that someone took the feather i left^^btw, Tutty says hi… mua ha ha…

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