Posted by: Mayu | February 1, 2009

Meow’s cat neighbours

Today I saw Meow’s gates open so I decided to visit her for a while ^^

Yay, it’s nice to be in Funky again 😀 Hello? Heeelllooo?

Ohh, I see – Meow is still sleeping 😆 xD

But I didn’t have to wait for long and she came back and we chit-chatted a lot ^^ She told me that Funky has got now 4 cats as neighbours. So I decided to visit each of them 😉

Monique, still loves make-up a a lot ;). Julia, it was your Monique from Zychowo 😀

That’s Punchy from Xanth? Never heard of that town before… 😛

Ohh Tangy, I love Tangy!! Meow told me that she came from Sorrel’s town loveland 😀 .

And at last Kiki who is the favourite neighbour of Meow. I think, she’ll never let her move out of Funky 😉

Inside Meow’s house I admired this awesome carpet pattern!! So orange, so nice! 😀 Can you see all the dots there?

Thanks for the tea, Meow, it was delicious ^^

After that I need to go to the loo… but how can I do this using the men’s toilet?? 😆 yuck xP

A sweet little nap and I’ve dreamed about an orange gnome telling me some funny jokes… 😉

Here we decided to go to my town, but… Wifi didn’t let her come leave the town, always got an error code, what a pity… 😦
Hope to see you soon again Meow, I enjoyed it a lot 😀



  1. Meh, Tangy YAY

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