Posted by: Mayu | February 1, 2009

Meeting up Louise, Nico, Kaya and Sorrel

Some pictures about the evening play with you… but Wifi kept crashing all the time, so I couldn’t make such a lot of pics 😉

First Louise and Nico went to Mitsukyo, hi, you both look very different from the last time xD

And soon Sorrel also arrived to my town 😀 Hiii!

I offered them to take what they need from my accessories, the monthly event is over now and I wanted to clean up my town 😉

Some crashes later on I opened again and this time Kaya finally got the chance to explore my town 😀 :

Ohhh, very royal today ^^

Quick, go shopping before Nookingtons is closed xD

After that we went to my house and I showed Kaya the rooms 😉

Without the crown you can see her hairstyle better. The ponytail also suits you very well. Ahh I forgot to ask you, in what style do you want your pixeled pattern? Which hairstyle and what colour?

A cute photo of you before I had to close my gates 😉



  1. dark brown hair, pontail , jacob ladder (optional)
    thx you
    lol kaya

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