Posted by: Mayu | January 30, 2009

Fun in Mitsukyo and Goa

Today I promised to open around 8PM and I did it, but at this time I was still busy in doing housework so I couldn’t make picures from the beginning, I’m sorry 😉

But Nico visited me (who was shaking a tree in this moment xD)…

…and also Sorrel and Kyle. Kyle?? Whoa, I haven’t got even one pic of you, sorrryy 😦

Sorrel changed her hairstyle to the two pigtails again 🙂

Then I was inivited to visit Kaya’s town Goa again 😀 :

Ahh the colours are brighter today, now you can see her awesome patterns better. They’re really cute ♥

Kaya and me standing in her flower area ^^. So niiice!

Together with Sorrel this time, see how big this flower area is! 😯

Kaya wanted me to show something on the bulletin board:

Awww, thanks so much, Kaya, you’re also a really nice, cute and kind girl 😉

Sorrel was also happy about it ^^

Then a friend of Kaya dropped into Goa: it’s Lilli from Fiji

Well, Wifi was quite bad this evening, we had a lot of laggings, like this example:

I had enough time to take this scene above, and many seconds later:

I finally could get outside 😆

Just after Kaya saved the game, Wifi crashed! 👿 But thanks for the fun all, I enjoyed it a lot ^^

Oh I almost forgot, Sorrel has got an own ACWW blog too 😀 :
Check it ouuut! 😉



  1. itsd ok 🙂
    im really getting into accf!
    my acww town is probobly dying 😦
    but ive made the decision to not work for the environmaent(i will still pick weeds)because i have hardly any time to do both

  2. ugh 😦
    i just remembered that i forgot to buy turnips this week 😦

  3. thx for postng this
    i had LOADS of fun!

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