Posted by: Mayu | January 27, 2009

Short midnight fun with Lilli and Laura

So tonight was another chance to meet Laura from Moonville. We were trying to meet us for several weeks now and somehow it always didn’t work at the weekends 😛

As soon as I opened my gates another really nice visitor came first:

It’s lilli from liz town, helloo! ^^

Today in pink with fluffy hairs 😉 . This outfit I haven’t seen for a long time, it suits you really well.

But then it was time for my next visitor:

Yay, finally we meet us now, Laura xD

Thanks for coming, I really appreciate that you waited that long to see me xD

Strange pic lol, looks like Laura is just thinking:“Omg, THIS is her flag?!?“ and Lilli:“Omg, THAT’s Laura?!?“
:mrgreen: Of course they didn’t say such things xD

Just when we were visiting my baby palm tree „lingg“ (I said two days before that I would name the tree lingg when it would really grow xD):mrgreen:, Wifi crashed again!!! Noooooo! 😥 😦

Of course I reopened again, but there was…. nothing. Well, perhaps Wifi was still weird and they couldn’t see my gates and after several reopenings I went to Copper and…

…asked him to go out but…

…no luck! Well ok, it was anyway time to sleep 😉 . Hope we’ll meet us soon again Laura and Lilli^^



  1. My brother ran over my coconut tree! 😦 Thats my second and last coconut from when i visited your town!

    p.s. I wont be on this Saturday. My mom volunteered my to do concessions at a carnival thing.

    • Ohh but I don’t really think that they wither when somebody is running over them. Perhaps you just chose a wrong spot there (not on every spot the trees are growing succesfully). I always have been running over my saplings 😳 and they grew anyway.

  2. mayu im just saying when you use the word us it should usually be replaced with up…do u get it
    finnally we meet us(this is wrong)
    finnally we meet up(wright)

    • ohhhh, thanks a lot lilli. I didn’t know that lol. It’s a German behaviour I think, because we say “endlich haben wir UNS getroffen” -“finally we have met US” xP
      I appreciate your help, this really means a lot to me 😉

  3. do i plant my coconut trees just beyond the tan, or on the tan? I put it on the tan.

    p.s. my cherry, pear, and peach trees have fruit! YAY!

    • Umm, what’s the tan of a beach? I always plant them not on the pure sand, but on the grass/ground above it…

  4. i made a animal crossing game heres the url:
    well, copy and paste it! its kinda kool.

  5. Isn’t the tan of the beach the darker bit of sand between pure sand and ground?

  6. So nice of you to name the palm tree as my nick!! hehehe =). It really grew! haha. i shall visit it real soon!

    • Hehehe, that would be nice xD. I’ll open again on Sunday, today not, we’re off to my parents 😉

  7. i think she meens the tan as in the sand…but i dunno

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