Posted by: Mayu | January 27, 2009

Hooligans at midnight

Today was one of the rare moments: I could play ACWW around 12 AM lol xD (yaaay)

And Kyle and Chaya took the chance to visit me at this late time 😀

What are those eyes, Kyle…? 👿 You want to go mad?? Muhahahaha, I’m with you!! xD

Axe attttaaaack!!!! Take this – and that!! 😈 Murderous Miki versus Killer-Kyle together with Charming-Chaya as referee xD

Yay, it looks like I defeated Kyle :mrgreen: (heyyy, the palm is growing!! xD)

Then we went totally crazy and tried to awaken Able sisters 😛

And we wanted to see Nook in pyjamas!! But they all were sound sleepers and no one got outside 👿

Next victim was Whitney!! 😈 Look at Kyle how heavily he’s knocking at the door 😆

But also Chaya and me were treating the house with our shovels 😉

So Whitney, have you something to say to us? :mrgreen:

“Hey, Mlein! I’ve got an idea! We should make a party, you and me!”
Ohh yeaaah…. -.- thank you… 🙄



  1. mayu
    sooo cool
    but how can you see nook in his pj’s ?
    kyle looked so evil! 👿

    • It’s just an acww rumour that Nook will go in pyjamas and holding a teddybear to the outside when you’re hitting Nookingtons with your golden shovel three times at the back and two time from the front when his shop is closed. It’s not true thought 😉


  3. yeah ive tried that many different ways that ppl hav sed but they all fail 😦

  4. same here… 😦

  5. xD

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